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Shapley's Mane Mousse


Mane Mousse is an essential, time saving braiding and banding aide. It provides optimum control and grip to easily and professionally braid or band hair. Mane Mousse keeps braids tight and neat. It controls hair and keeps stray hairs at a minimum even in humid or windy weather. Mane Mousse is an excellent product to use on long manes and tails to keep hair in place. It can also be used to train manes over.

"Mane Mousse delivers as promised, both as a control agent for mane management and as a pick-me-up for tails that needed pizzazz. And, unlike many other such products, it did not serve as a magnet for grit, sand or blowing dust."

Mane Mousse is never sticky or slick. It provides perfect ‘grip’ to braid the hair. Mane Mousse can be applied to wet or dry hair and will add volume and shine to hair. It is perfect for adding body, fullness and shine to tails and will also add waves when needed while controlling stray hair. It is great to use on feathered legs to create fullness on draft breeds.

To use, shake can and spray foam into your hand and apply to mane and tail hair.

Mane Mousse is available in a 14 oz aerosol can.



“I thought Shapley’s Mane Mousse was going to be too frou-frou for my pasture horses, but I agreed to try it anyway and loved the results it produced....Wow! All eight manes and tails were shiny and luscious. Contrary to their usual unruliness, the manes stayed obediently as though I’d properly trained them from day one (which I hadn’t) The braided manes and tails had Nicole Kidman-like waves; the banded braids looked smooth and free of short stragglers; the blow dried ones were fluffy and full; and those that were air dried had prominent natural waves. I’d definitely use this product on show day. But frankly, once in a while I get a thrill out of ‘moussing’ my Friesian horses for trail rides, too. Passerby often act as I did the first time: Wow!”


“Our braider says the mousse provided just the right amount of extra grip and control. Banding went terrifically easily, so did braiding. Both braids and bands stayed in place (even overnight to a next-day class). After she unbanded or unbraided, a simple brushing had manes back to normal look and feel. On the enhancement side, working mousse into the tail hairs added a bit of volume to the thin tail and puffed out the already lush tail of a stallion she was showing. Mane Mousse delivers as promised, both as a control agent for mane management and as a pick-me-up for tails that needed pizzazz. And, unlike many other such products, it did not serve as a magnet for grit, sand or blowing dust.


My friend Danielle and I are a pas de deux dressage team. We show often and lease two wonderful horses. We use your products before every show we go to, and we get wonderful comments on our dazzling horses. Our Favorite product is the Mane Mousse, it helps make such wonderful braids, which is very important at a dressage show. We want to thank you for making such wonderful products that help our equine friends look their best.



SDS for Mane Mousse

Helpful Hints

  • Shake well and spray Mane Mousse foam into your hands, then wipe on horse’s mane and tail.
  • Apply Mane Mousse to the section of the hair you are braiding. To keep from drying you may want to apply Mane Mousse section by section as you proceed.
  • Mane Mousse can be used on a long or short mane to control hair and fly-aways for a polished, professional look. It can also be applied to the tail to control the hair and provide a professional appearance.
  • Mane Mousse will give great texture and grip to hair to be braided. It will also control frizz, fly-aways or new growth so braids stay tight and neat.
  • Mane Mousse will add volume when applied to tails and even to horse’s leg feathers for the breeds that have them.
  • If you apply to tail and then braid the tail all the way down for the night, the next day you will have beautiful waves in the tail when you take out the braid.

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